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    The Fall Of PEPE Is Not The End!

    Just like the famous meme dog in the fire, DEDE INU and its awesome community says, it’s fine! DEDE is here to the rescue! It’s time to bring out the dog and back up it’s fallen brother!

    No excuses, DEDE is a community owned token that has been completely patterned to its fallen comrade PEPE to give second chance to those who lost and to those were not able to ride the flight to the moon. This is revenge memecoin created to redeem all fallen memecoins! Brothers are meant to back each other’s back, this time it’s the dog in the fire who will make its move!


    Follow these steps or join our community if ever you need help


    Create a Wallet

    Download Metamask or any wallet of your choice from Appstore/Playstore for free. For desktop users, the Google Chrome extension can be downloaded by visiting the Metamask website at


    Get Some BNB

    To switch to $DEDEINU, it is necessary to have BNB in your wallet. In case you do not possess any BNB, you may purchase it directly from Metamask, transfer it from another wallet, or buy it on another exchange and subsequently transfer it to your wallet


    Go to Pancakeswap

    To connect to Pancakeswap, open Google Chrome or the browser inside your Metamask app and go to Connect your wallet and paste the $DEDEINU token address into Pancakeswap. Select Dede and confirm the transaction. When Metamask prompts you for a wallet signature, sign it.


    Switch BNB for $DEDEINU

    To switch BNB for $DEDEINU, you can do so without any taxes. Therefore, there is no need to worry about buying with a specific slippage. However, during times of market volatility, it may be necessary to use slippage to complete the transaction successfully.



    Our Contract is Renounced, Liquidity is Locked and No Tokens are allocated to the team. We do not deserve any! This is a 100% COMMUNITY OWNED MEME COIN! All $DEDE INU tokens are directly allocated for the benefit of our community alone. We have divided the supply in five areas. The Liquidity Pool Tokens consist 67% of the total supply. Furthermore, diamond hands may stake their tokens in our upcoming staking feature where we allocated 15.90% of our total supply as staking rewards for those who believes in the idea of this revenge meme coin. Long term holders can make passive income through staking their tokens. We have allocated 6.90% of our supply for future CEX Listings, 4.20% for Community Airdrop and Rewards for helping the project be known to the world, and lastly we allocated 6% for marketing purposes. All wallets can be easily tracked using the below BSC addresses.

    Liquidity Pool -  0x5C71965E69070D619DB27fd6d2Bb14CAed766c88

    Staking -  0x6BD497a3291c46434B9d60D74F6e61cab6093CDf

    CEX Listing -  0x9290ae6E81f406Ea82dADa2c7B9fe36e4FDCbB66

    Marketing -  0x24427D53941e8A3ad39f8718Cc088A125645a947

    Airdrop & Rewards -  0x4861504f5bfF140CE2Df3b9b2DFa075154C6d39

    We believe, this is the best way to allocate the supply to make an immediate buzz in the crypto world. Hopefully you will help $DEDEINU to be known!


    We aim to take the same path that our brother $PEPE took. $DEDEINU is a community owned token, we let our community take the wheel for us! Here's our initial plan, but the future is yet to unfold for the ultimate revenge token of all time

    Phase 1

  • Launch
  • CoinGecko/Coinmarketcap Listings
  • 1,000+ Holders
  • Get $DEDEINU Trending on twitter with our memetic power
  • Phase 2

  • Staking Feature Release
  • Community Partnerships DEDE Times digital newsletter
  • Formation of token gated discord group, DEDEINU Kingdom, for holders, more details tba
  • CEX Listings 10,000+holders
  • Phase 3

  • Dede Inu merch
  • Dede Inu Academy
  • Dede Inu Tools
  • T1 Exchange Listings 100,000+ holders
  • Meme Takeover